Security & Privacy

At Ribbon and Ink Transcribing we work with password encryption to endure the security of assignments undertaken - this is the best form of protection that is invariably offered to all our customers. The files remain safe within our custody for a period of 30 days from the date of completion of work and then get automatically deleted.

We remain willing to sign any customer-specific non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement as desired.  

We also strive to maintain the confidentiality of all our customers information.  

We treat your data,  audio and the contents of your transcripts as inviolable and won't divulge them at any cost.  

We strive to protect our customers business interests at all times.  We never allow our customers resources to be used for personal or business gain.  

We never disclose or communicate in any form any data that is proprietary to our customers.  

We only offer services for which we have experience in and are suitably equipped.  

We accept and own responsibility for all work we undertake. We take pride in our integrity with regard to all information on our caoabilities and services.  

We desist from any conflict of interest and keep our clients fully aware of any such conflict.